Fashion: a semi-thoughtful foray into the difficulties associated with shoe shopping


Originally, this blog post was entitled: ‘The intricacies of fashion from the perspective of a 5’2 blonde with a fondness for energetic dance classes,’ which says everything you need to know about my previous run-ins with the aforementioned ‘fashion.’ I scrapped that, however, primarily because it was too long, but also because it sounded as if I intended to start a bizarre journal entry detailing bad fashion mistakes, and as much as that sounds rather fun, it’s not something currently at the top of my to-do list.

Shoes, on the other hand, are.

Shoes are great. Whether they’re a fashion statement, a practical necessity, or picked out just because of the way they look with those jeans, they’re there to serve your needs, whatever those needs might be. They’re dynamic, versatile, and the fashion conscious person’s best friend, and even when they’ve suddenly and quite unexpectedly become a problem – think thin white shoes on muddy ground – they’re always there for you, and, to be honest, that was your fault, not theirs.


As I mentioned previously, I’m 5’2. Which is, in the grand scheme of things, reasonably short. A nurse once said that I make Tom Cruise look tall, which, to be entirely honest, was easily the worst part of that day.. To clarify: I need heels. Preferably high ones. Possibly even stilts. My friends are all of the considerably taller variety, which I have been semi-reliably informed is actually the ‘average’ height, and, as such, when I stand next to them in flats, I might as well be a gnome.

Not ideal.

Compounding the problem is the fact that I have a bad record with the aforementioned ‘high’ heels. I have a minor joint problem that mainly effect my knees, and it gets particularly bad if, yes, you’ve guessed it, I wear heels for long periods of time. To sum up: I need at least four-inch heels to reach ‘average’ height, but I can’t manage them.

Forget it.

So what’s the solution?

  1. Wear flats. Abandon my insecurities over my height (or lack of), and settle for the comfortable option. There are many lovely flat shoes around, so it’s surely just a matter of finding the rights ones. Compromising in the name of comfort doesn’t mean throwing out my sense of style (if my fashion choices can be considered to even slightly contribute to a ‘sense of style,’ that is).
  2. Wear low heels. Potentially kitten heels. That way I get some extra height, and the opportunity to appreciate a really rather pretty pair of shoes.
  3. Wear higher heels, and ignore my feet in the name of fashion, height, and looking as un-gnome-like as possible.



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